Become a better athlete: 5 tips to get there

Become a better athlete

You’re not alone if you have had dreams of making it big in a particular sport, whether it is football, hockey, tennis, or something else. Perhaps you envision yourself making the winning touchdown. Regardless of who you are, it’s that drive to succeed that will get you far in life, both professionally and personally. If your career aspirations are to be a pro in a particular sporting area or you want to become a better athlete for self satisfaction, then the five tips below are ones to note.

1Improve your cardio

If your workout centers around muscle benefits then you might think that cardio isn’t required in your routine. But weightlifting and other muscle-driven sports can benefit from building your endurance in wintertime and throughout the year. Get a sweat on at the gym or elsewhere!

When you increase your aerobic power, that doesn’t mean you have to run 20 miles. Instead, it’s about doing 30 minutes or more almost every day to strengthen your heart and get the blood flow pumping better.

For better cardiovascular wellness, ensure that you have the proper footwear. The last thing you want on the road to being a better athlete is to have an injury that sidelines you for a whole year.

If you’re new to the sport, then do your research to find out what shoes to wear. There are countless online forums or even ask Quora. Get answers from those who understand what you’re up against or risk getting a twisted ankle, soreness, plantar fasciitis or something else.

2To become a better athlete, get enough sleep

Slumber! You know it’s important. That’s why you won’t see stars up at clubs in the middle of the night. Instead, get to sleep at a reasonable hour and try for 7 or 8 hours of z’s whenever possible.

Getting that much sleep allows the human body to fix itself. After you go into the most restorative phases of sleep, such as REM sleep, the entire body releases hormones that repair tissue and muscles, as well as rejuvenating the mind so it stays sharp.

To find a good sleep, make sure your bedroom is more relaxing and calm than it might be right now. Invest in a comfortable mattress, like a memory foam type, as well as sheets that keep you cool. Perhaps you would benefit from a white noise machine too.

3Stretch it out

Stretching is great for anyone who wants to be a better athlete. While it might be tempting to head straight to the car after a lift session at the gym, hang out about 10 minutes to properly stretch muscles and limbs.

Otherwise, you risk being sore the next day, especially if there is trapped lactic acid in your muscles. A buildup of this acid can make walking be an “ouch” experience when you wake up the next morning and that’ll ruin the next workout, not to mention making the whole next day uncomfortable.

A foam roller can be great for any knots you find in areas like calves, back, and shoulders. I’ve used them many times at the gym and got great relief from them while on a yoga mat.

4Positive self-talk to be a better athlete

How do you talk to yourself about how your athletic performance is progressing? Are you always looking at what is missing rather than the progress made?

Take the time to assess how far you’ve come in the fitness world and, in particular, with your sport. That includes networking, opening new doors, and becoming better at certain activities.

Be kind to yourself, just as you would to another person who is reaching for more in the exercise world. You’re human and will make mistakes, but you’re driven to success and that’s amazing! Go for it!


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