Cable squats for glutes: How to do them & are they effective?

Cable squats for glutes

Cable squats are getting more attention lately with those who are looking to get more from their lower-body workouts, particularly in terms of strengthening their bottoms. But what does this exercise involve, and are cable squats for glutes effective?

Why work your booty?

Moves that target your butt are more important than you might think at first. While it’s great to think that you’ll look amazing when walking away from someone, there are deeper benefits.

Firstly, you are protecting your back by adding muscle to your behind. While you might think you’re already doing back-specific movements at the gym or home – and even exercising in the car, it’s important to understand that the body is interconnected, which means that strengthening one part can help elsewhere too.

Furthermore, your butt is part of every workout you do, when you stop to think about it. From going up the stairs to lifting the big ol’ box of cat litter, your daily activities depend on a more defined bottom.

Now that you know why they’re important, let’s talk about what exactly cable squats are, before moving onto how to properly do this type of movement.

Defining cable squats and how to do them properly

This exercise uses machines to strengthen the butt, legs, and hips. While this post focuses on cable squats for legs, the machines can help with getting those two other areas into better shape too. It also is part of a fitness regime that improves body core strength, as well.

Standing in front of a cable machine, this activity begins with your feet shoulder-width apart and facing the machine. Hold the cable that is attached to weights in front of you, gripping the handle in each hand. Make sure that it is an appropriate amount of weight and that your back is straight. Pull back the cable to tighten the slack, keeping the handle level with your chest.

Slowly lower your knees and open your hips as you perform a squat. Lower to the point that your thighs are level with the floor and keep your abs tight during this time.

While going low, extend your arms in front of you, loosening the slack on the cable. Breathe out as you lower the body, and breathe in as you return to the starting position. Slowly return to the initial position, squeezing your glutes and keeping your feet firmly on the ground this whole time.

Here is a short video to demonstrate the movements:

Repeat the number of times you want to do for this specific workout. Be sure never to extend your knees beyond your toes, and keep your shoulders back.

While many gyms carry cable squat machines, you might also choose to buy one to have at home. This one exercise can, over time, help tone your butt and make it perkier.

Are cable squats for glutes effective?

There is a good reason why this exercise is a common one among bodybuilders. Along with building muscles that can take a lot of weight, the exercise tones the booty and can improve hip flexibility too.

However, cable squats become less effective when done incorrectly. For instance, you might notice that some people raise their heels off the floor when they return to the standing position. Try to avoid doing that as your heels are meant to help stabilize you and the weight you’re using, while also pushing through the butt muscles.

Another cable squats for glutes mistake is having bad posture. If your back is not straight and your shoulders hunch forward, then you risk not getting everything you want out of this exercise. To help prevent your back from overarching, try to keep the spine in a neutral position. Also, continue to remind yourself to keep the shoulders back for the best form possible.

When done properly, this exercise can be part of an excellent lower body workout.

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