Seniors fitness: The 5 best low-impact exercises

seniors fitness: Best low impact exercises

Are you in your retirement years and want to stay active? If so, you might head to a seniors fitness class or want to do workouts alone instead. But what are the best low-impact exercises?

Why seniors fitness is so important

Kermit the Frog says it isn’t easy being green, and for humans, the equivalent expression is that it isn’t easy getting older. That makes sense as the skin loses its elasticity and also the human body gets uncomfortable over time if the strain of running or other high-impact exercises catches up with you. 

But aging does not need to become anything that you panic about. If it has to do with physical exercise, you might be unable to shoot hoops and also conduct marathons with the ease you had at age 20, although this doesn’t mean physical exercise is the table off permanently.

It’s just the opposite, actually. The best low-impact exercises for seniors follow in the list below, and they are chosen here because they help older adults remain healthy and energetic.


Whether you are swimming laps or taking expert swimming courses, you are going to surely benefit from the advantages of taking a dip. Swimming can be a great seniors fitness choice as it does not put lots of strain on your joints, and it also has terrific health advantages. 

For example, a swim encourages muscle endurance and strength. It also boosts your cardiovascular health and can keep your organs healthier. Also, you’ll stay the body weight you want when you’re doing regular cardio workouts. Additionally, it strengthens your muscles and also improves stamina. 

If swimming courses don’t interest you, then why not try water Pilates instead? If you enjoy being in the water, then this option can be a great one. When you like the sport, then you’ll be more likely to stay motivated to do it. You might even make new friends while being there!

More low-impact exercises to seniors: Pilates and yoga

In excess of 3 million people today have fall-related accidents each calendar year, together with most of these people are in the 65-plus age category. If you can improve your balance, then you’re at a lower risk for falling, which means fewer bruises and more risky situations. 

With this particular goal in mind, yoga and Pilates are seniors fitness activities that can provide help. Both of these are among the best low-impact exercises. Along with improving equilibrium, the actions can help give you a wider sense of movement and achieve better posture. 

If you often get back pain, then you can help lessen it with these movements too, in addition to using the right furniture for your back. Fewer physical aches mean a more satisfying retirement.

Plus, there are many types of Pilates and yoga moves you can do, working your way from a beginner to more advanced workouts. 

Tai chi 

Get out of your rut and try low-impact exercises you haven’t done before to benefit the body and mind. Trying something new and doing well at it can have a huge boost in confidence!  

Tai chi is a superior choice for someone who would like to get something different than the usual fitness workout and also grow a brand new ability.  It requires muscle and endurance, making it a seniors fitness choice that grows your energy and helps you stay healthy.

If you should be afflicted by tension or stress, tai chi might have the ability to aid you with those issues. Give it a try and find out whether it is something you enjoy personally. Much like most the other ideas for seniors above, talk with your physician before starting any new fitness routine. That way, you make sure that you are safe to start doing it, given your unique medical history, any existing ailments, and other factors.


Another of the low-impact exercises for older adults is walking. You can take a stroll around the local neighborhood, for example.

Or, walk to the store to get groceries rather than taking the vehicle. Another idea is to take the stairs rather than the elevator when you’re out at an appointment. However, do not overdo it; pay attention to your limits. Remember, your limits are not what they were when you were younger, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Final words on aging and seniors fitness

Take your time starting a new activity, and only do so once you have your doctor’s pre-approval. While aging might not always happen gracefully, that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable. Instead, stay healthy and notice how you feel better when you do low-impact exercises that are easy on your body.

Whether you go to the swimming pool, try out tai-chi, or even try a few yoga or Pilates courses, it’s up to you. Which of those five activities will be your favorite? What are some other ones that are gentle on your joints? 

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