What causes stomach and back pain at the same time?

what causes stomach and back pain

The human body is designed to work in a balanced environment, fueled with nutrients from the food that you eat throughout the day. So, when pain comes, it is a sign that something is “off” or wrong somewhere internally. The symptoms are your body trying to tell you to pay attention and get a remedy! With that in mind, what causes stomach and back pain at the same time? In other words, what exactly is your body trying to say by pairing stomach and back pain together?

Is one causing the other? Or is there a single cause for both painful areas?

Often individuals complain of pain which is radiating from their lower back to their belly area. This back pain and bloating feeling in your stomach can be very frightening and confusing.

People wonder how to tell the causes between the two or if they are related or coming from a single cause. Thus, it can be a terrible experience having both pain in both these areas at the same time. Below, let’s discuss the reasons why you may experience pain in these areas simultaneously and the possible treatment options for it.

Possible causes for stomach and back pain at the same time

Pain in the lower back area may occur in people who suffer from chronic back pain. It can also present itself in individuals who have a 9-to-5 job and sit at their desks all day, hardly getting any movement because they don’t take breaks to stretch.

Stomach upset, on the other hand, or stomach pain, can result in from eating a bad diet or from excess acid in the stomach. These two symptoms can be due to a single reason also and can be pretty much harmless in most cases. They usually go away in a few days.

However, a few of the symptoms can be life threatening, so it’s important to find out what you can about the potential cause to know how serious it is to get help immediately. Below, let’s discuss the most probable reasons for what causes stomach and back pain in your body together right now:

1. Hormonal changes in the body

Hormonal fluctuations can be one reason why you are experiencing stomach and back pain at the same time. This is because both men and women are susceptible to hormonal shifts. When the hormone levels of our body suddenly change, which can be due to menstruation in women or even intense exercise in the case of males, it can cause back pain and bloating at the same time.

2. Back injuries

A back issue can be another reason why one can experience pain in these areas. When you injure your back, the pain from there usually radiates to other parts of the body, such as your abdomen. This is what causes stomach and back pain at the same time for some people.

3. Gastrointestinal problems

They can cause your stomach to swell up and for you to feel full. As a result, you feel bloated and your swollen stomach puts pressure on your lower back, which causes you to have back pain too.

GI problems are usually caused by viruses in the gut and other acidic food items. The pain usually goes away as soon as your gut comes back to normal.

4. When a UTI causes stomach and back pain at the same time

A urinary tract infection (UTI) can be another cause to your stomach and pain back. A UTI can cause stomach pain and irritation in the lower abdomen. When it spreads to the kidneys, it can cause pain in your back too. It is important to seek medical advice in such scenarios to find out if it is natural to feel that way.

5. Other explanations

Some other reasons for the simultaneous discomfort include liver disorder and other serious medical issues. It could be symptomatic of pancreatic cancer, bowel obstruction, or an abdominal aneurysm, for example.

stomach and back pain together

At-home treatment options for stomach and back pain at the same time

If you are experiencing pain because of common causes, then it is possible to treat the pain yourself. There are certain ways to do so, such as:

Inflammatory drugs

They are sold at your local pharmacy and can help to alleviate the pain for some people if it is caused by an injury or sprain to your back. They help to dull the discomfort in the body and makes you feel better overall.

However, be cautioned that some anti-inflammatory drugs may cause drowsiness in some people. They also only mask the issue, rather than getting to the source of it, so it is a short-term solution.

You can also try having antibiotics to help fight off any bacterial infection in your gut that you might be having that is the deep cause. Another option is to try a neutralizing tablet to help fight acidity in your stomach.

Modify what you eat if facing stomach and back pain at the same time

Changing your eating plan can also help. A diet full of anti-inflammatory food items can be helpful.

Taking the time to learn which food is good for your gut and what food items taken together can cause an acidic reaction in your gut is helpful. Having knowledge about a healthy diet, even on a budget, will go miles in ensuring you remain free from pain and diseases throughout your life, particularly when you are more prone to illness in older age.

Incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals and snacks helps to ensure that you receive your daily dose of healthy nutrients. Fruits and vegetables also contain large amounts of fiber, which keeps your gut healthy and active.

Another treatment option: Therapeutic massage

If you have an injury to your back that is the source of the stomach and back pain together, then you can try alleviating it with one or more sessions of physiotherapy massage. This helps in relaxing the muscles of your back and reduces the pain.

Overall, you feel much better and relaxed. You can also try heating pads at home as a solution for relaxing your injured back. Heating pads help to stimulate the injured muscle fibers and tissue in your back and helps with the healing process. It also makes the pain go away for a while.

When to see a doctor about stomach and back pain at the same time

If you experience severe pain in your stomach as well as your back, it is important that you see a doctor. Also, if the pain does not go away within a few days, it can be a good idea to check up with your local physician.

Most common causes of back and abdominal pain go away within a few days with some over-the-counter drugs. However, if they continue to persist or get worse, it is important to seek medical attention at that time.

Individuals with a known medical history of illnesses also need to see the advice of a doctor as soon as possible if they experience pain in these areas. Overall, you should understand your body and know when it is something serious that is happening to you.

Final thoughts

Experiencing stomach and back pain together is usually due to common causes that can go away after a few days. It is important that you maintain an active lifestyle and eat healthy foods to ensure you remain at your best and fit all year round.

This post contains suggestions but is not medical advice. Your doctor is an expert and the best person to reach out to when you wonder what causes stomach and back pain in your situation.

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