What color should I dye my hair?

what color should I dye my hair

Coloring your hair is a great way to change up your look, feel younger when you cover grays, and add a bounce to your step. The simple act of changing your hair color can increase self-esteem, especially when the people around you are complementing you on the hue. Whether you choose to go to a professional salon or do it yourself, the first question to ask is, “What color should I dye my hair?”

Here are the top considerations to guide your decision and lead you to the most attractive shade for you:

Find the best hair color for your skin tone

What, you didn’t think about this one yet? Not to worry. That’s why we’re here!

When you take into account skin tone, then you are more likely to get a natural hue that complements it, rather than one that clashes with it. In the latter case, it detracts from your beauty rather than helping it.

Firstly, determine if your skin tone is cool or warm. The common characteristics of a warm skin tone are:

  • Yellow undertones
  • Tan with ease, rather than burn from the sun
  • Green veins (look at your arm to see)
  • Typically dark eyes

On the other hand, you have a warm tone to your skin if:

  • You have blue veins
  • Light color of the eyes
  • Silver jewelry looks amazing against your skin

OK, now that you know your skin tone, you can start to narrow down suitable shades. A warm tone means that you can wear well dark, warm, or chestnut browns, but avoid ash. Golden brown is also a good choice.

A cool tone, meanwhile, suits black, ash brown, and platinum blonde. Stay away from red or gold for your tresses, though, as they will likely not suit you.


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Consider the shade of your skin too

That makes sense, right? What color should I dye my hair depends on it.

You will have dark, light, or medium skin. If you have light-colored skin, then match it with a light shade. In the last step, if you had a warm skin tone, then a few great choices are honey and light brown.

As for a cool tone with pale skin, then ash brown or blonde is best. For dark skin, if you have a cool tone then try black or deep brown. When you make wise choices about your tresses, then you will look great in summertime and throughout the rest of the year.

Meanwhile, auburn is a terrific choice for those who have olive skin and cool tones. A deep brown looks amazing too against an olive skin with cool tone.

Look for the best hair color for your features

Good question! Your eyes are another factor here. If you have dark eyes, then consider dyeing strands light to complement it beautifully.

Green eyes suit a range of popular blonde and brown hues, as do blue eyes. Red also is a great compliment to blue eyes.

Face shape also matters, so it’s part of the discussion about “what color should I dye my hair?” For example, a square face will suit highlights that create depth. An oval face will also benefit from this brightness.

If your face has a circle shape, then darken its hue at the jaw and cheeks. The inverted triangle shape some people have, meanwhile, looks great with highlights from the ears to the chin.

What color should I dye my hair? About grays

Stylists also explain that age plays a role in the decision-making process is whether or not you are trying to cover grays. They can be tough to overcome, so consider using a boxed brand with a highly-concentrated amount of dye that will more easily provide coverage.

If you have only some gray strands to cover, then it’s not as much of an issue than if it is a lot more. Finally, if you are using a boxed product, look at the back of it to see how it will likely appear, based on your original color.

The general rule about your natural color

Most stylists will agree that when dyeing your hair you should stay within two shades of your natural color. Of course, some people choose blue for hair and eco-friendly makeup palettes so that goes right out the window!

That rule also assumes that you want a natural look (see the next section). If that’s the case, then knowing this rule is helpful. Using it as a guideline, then, you won’t want to go from medium brown to platinum blonde.

Do you want a natural or more dynamic look?

Think about what statement you are going for as you work through this guide. Do you want a shockingly bright shade, one that looks natural, or something in-between?

Perhaps you want a combination of the two, instead. Consider a natural overall shade, with bright highlights, in that case.

If it’s a new look that you desire, then you’ll probably want to go with something quite different than what you have naturally. But, be aware of what was noted earlier, including skin tone, so that you do not wind up regretting making such a big change because it looks unsuitable on you.

Final tips on what color should I dye my hair

If you are still not sure exactly what you want, then try a temporary dye rather than a permanent or semi-permanent one. That way, if you’re not happy with the results, then you can easily change it within fewer washes. A temporary product will usually take a few dozen washes to remove, whereas a permanent one is much harder to undo.

Now you have a guide for deciding what shade is best to enhance your look and feel at your best. Consider skin tone, color, and whether you want a natural or dynamic appearance to find the best hue.

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